Denture types
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Denture types

Acrylic Full Dentures.

These are utilized where a patient has lost all the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaw or both.  The denture/s are supported by the tissue and muscle structures in the mouth.  An accurate impression of the oral anatomy is of vital importance to construct a good fitting and functional denture.

Acrylic and Flexible Partial Dentures.

This type of denture replaces one or more missing natural teeth. We only manufacture this type as an interim measure during implant treatment, as these types of appliances can damage the oral tissue in some instances.

Cast Metal Partial Dentures.

These dentures have a frame of metal constructed from Cobalt Chromium alloy. It is retained in the mouth by other health natural teeth via clasps and metal occlusal rests.  Acrylic teeth are bonded onto the frame to replace missing teeth.

Implant Retained Dentures.

This type of denture is retained in the mouth by implants only or as a combination by implants and oral tissue.  The implants are placed as a surgical procedure by a dental specialist.  A new denture is manufactured, and it can be either screw retained or removable. 
Screw retained means that the denture is screwed into place by the clinician, and the patient cannot remove it.

The removable implant denture can be removed and replaced by the patient as required.


The process of creating your denture starts with the recording of patient details, facial shape, oral condition, accurate impressions and other records. The accuracy of these records is vital to assist in producing top quality prosthesis. Our philosophy is to work accurately, and not to rush the manufacturing process. There are many other clinicians who will deliver fast production of dentures, however we do not compete with them on speed of delivery, as our focus is on the quality of the final product, and the ultimate satisfaction of our clients.


Denture repairs are completed on the same day. Simple repairs could be done in less than 90 minutes.


A complete care instruction brochure, and other cleaning aids will be supplied on the day of completion of the dental prosthesis.

“Having partnered with Derik over the past 15 years or so, it is easy to see why his work is of such a consistently high standard. Derik undertakes continuing professional development, stays at the forefront of technology within his industry and has the technical expertise to make it a practical advantage for anyone who works with him. Derik’s technical expertise coupled with the practical ability to skilfully use his hands has always given me confidence when inserting prostheses made through Oral Art.”
- Dr Leslie Jabbour, Benowa
“I have worked closely with Derik at Oral Art Dental Laboratory for over 20 years. I have been very pleased and impressed with the quality of laboratory work received from Derik’s lab. He is always up with the latest technology and has a great understanding of the prosthetic requirements for both teeth and dental implants. Derik has a friendly and disarming manner with patients and he is always prepared to go the extra yards necessary to achieve a satisfied patient. Many of the excellent cases Derik has done for our practice are on my Instagram posts Benowa_Mansions_Perio. I cannot recommend Derik more highly to you as a Dental Technician for high quality, long lasting aesthetic, structurally and biologically acceptable restorations. The quality of service and level of communication with his laboratory is excellent.”
- Dr Neil Latcham, Periodontist, Benowa
“Derik has been my sole implant technician for over 7 years. His knowledge, experience and level of expertise with implant crowns, bridges and hybrids is second to none. Derik sets a very high standard, takes pride in his work and stands behind it with a guarantee policy. His attention to detail makes my clinical life a lot easier and he has bailed me out of difficulties a number of times over the years. I would highly recommend Derik to you for full mouth rehabilitations or for inexperienced practitioners who may need guidance with their early cases.”
- Dr Tony Mendoza, Southport
“Derik of Oral Art and I have built a close working relationship over many years based on mutual trust and a shared aim of dental prosthetic perfection. Derik is a Dental Ceramist of great skill who has involved himself in the construction of complex Dental Implant Reconstructions. We have cooperated in many of these solutions for our patients. His practice is centrally located in Benowa. Derik emphasises faithful communication with the dentists he services and timely production. Derik completed a Master’s Degree in Dental Prosthetics at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. The accuracy, artistry and detail-of-finish to his removable prostheses cannot be surpassed. It is with much delight that I can recommend Derik and his work to my colleagues and our patients.”
- Dr Mark Behan, Prosthodontist, Ashmore

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